Top 5 Amsterdam Canal Cruises

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Top 5 Amsterdam Canal Cruises

The sun is finally here, let’s cross our fingers and hope it lasts for a few days, if not weeks. The greater area of Amsterdam has plenty of scenic routes that can be accessed by land. But don’t forget that the Dutch and water go hand in hand. Therefore there are plenty of interesting waterways to discover during your short stay in Amsterdam. There is no better way to do this then by boat. With a vast variety of boats we at Htel Serviced Apartments like to see our readers take to the water. Because believe us when we say that everything looks different from the water. Now we wouldn’t guide you into the water without the proper information so read below and find out what your ideal way of water transport is. Canal boat or water bicycle, it’s time to hit the water Htel style.


A fun and sportive way to move around the canals and surrounding area of Amsterdam is by waterbicycle. The waterbicycles can be rented at various locations alongside the canal. When walking next to the canals you can see the bikes laying in the water near the boathouses. With the waterbicycle you can actually ride the canal and see the city center from the water. A pretty unique site, because everything looks different from the water.

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Canal boat

Another way to move over the water is by taking a tour on a canal boat also known as a ‘’rondvaartboot’’ in Dutch. These boats have a distinctive look as they are very long. They take you around some of Amsterdam’s must see sights and this time not by land, but by water. The fun part is that you don’t have to sit and wait for the tour to finish, because you can hop on and hop off and any given stop. These stops are located at a few of the most convenient spots alongside the canal. For instance the Anne Frank House, Hermitage and the Rijksmuseum.

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Diner boat

If you are into a good dinner and traveling by water at the same time you might be interested in the diner boat. The diner boat enables you to eat a high class meal in an 19th century boat. Unique, authentic and tasty at the same time, not to mention the good it might do you if you are in a romantic mood. The diner boat servesyou the meals of some of Amsterdam most refined restaurant such as La Rive, Brasserie the Amstel hotel and Zuid Zeeland.

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The canoe

If you are in a sporty mood and the canoe just might be the thing for you. In the Amsterdam forest you will find countless canals that are perfectly accessible by canoe. Even better it is just a short hike away from our Htel Amsterdam –Buitenveldert location and a short bike ride from our Htel Amsterdam – Amstelveen location. Taking the canoe in the Amsterdam forest is a true adventures spectacle and definitely worth giving a try.

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The ‘’Sloep’’

Last but not least is the motorboat. In Holland a famous type of motorboat is the ‘’Sloep’’. These simple but robust boats offer plenty of space and are easy to handle for novices. So easy that in most cases you don’t even need a sailing permit. These ‘’Sloeps’’ offer plenty of space to transport a small group and are great for a relaxing boat ride. Mind you that in case you don’t have a sailing permit, you might want to stay away from the busy Amsterdam canals. A place where you can rent a ‘’sloep’’ as well as sail in a relaxing way are the Loosdrechtse Plassen. This is a really wide stretched peace of nature right between Amsterdam en Utrecht. Worth paying a visit if you ask us at Htel Serviced apartments.

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All the above should bring out the sailor in you, so don’t wait and head for the water. Just a last piece of advice, make sure you wear a life vest it helps a bad swimmer float and saves a good swimmer energy. Have fun out there and enjoy the sun and if you need any help regarding bookings our information our Resident Service Agents will be glad to help you.

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