Relocating to The Netherlands: 5 International Schools in and around Amstelveen

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Relocating to The Netherlands: 5 International Schools in and around Amstelveen

As relocating with your children might have quite an impact on them, you want to find them the best international school possible. A place where they can feel safe, feel inspired to learn and can explore their creativity. In and around Amstelveen, you have lots of choice. Just to make your life easier, we have listed them below.

Living in a Htel serviced apartment means that, among other perks, there are five international schools within a twenty-kilometre radius. Four of them are even as close as five kilometres from your new home.

International Elementary Schools

Amstelland International School

4.7 km | Providing education that inspires creative thinking, encouraging children to become curious and take ownership in their learning. That is the mission of Amstelland International School. The school is located in Westwijk, a multicultural neighbourhood, and is home to numerous international families in Amstelveen. Students share the playground and gym facilities with children attending the Dutch-speaking ‘Taalklas’, which gives them the opportunity to apply the Dutch language in a meaningful and playful way. You will find about 140 children here from all nationalities. The school cultivates a compassionate and inspiring atmosphere for all children, teachers and parents. It is part of the Dutch International School Group (DIPS) and teaches the International Primary Curriculum (IPC).

Gifted Minds International School (GMIS)

20 km | At GMIS, they believe that every child is a gifted mind: talented in his/her own way. They celebrate this ‘giftedness’ in every child by nurturing and enhancing their minds to the fullest potential. It teaches students holistically and empowers them to meet new challenges and serve society with purposeful change by becoming global citizens. This is what they call a ‘child first’ policy. GMIS is a multicultural school where they teach students to respect the developmental needs, race, religion and nationality of every other student, encouraging students to see the unique gifts that these differences provide. The school is located in Hoofddorp.

International Elementary plus Secondary Schools

Amity International School

4.3 km | Providing an engaging and challenging learning environment where students are empowered to succeed academically, socially and emotionally. That is what Amity International School stands for. The children learn within a real-world, inquiry-based curriculum that fosters their individuality, creativity and unique interests. They encourage students to be innovative and reflective thinkers who demonstrate resilience and determination. The Amity International School promotes ethical, responsible action for positive change and provides opportunities for teamwork and leadership. They nourish the development of open-minded, caring individuals who are active and respectful members of the global and local community. The Amity International School houses a primary and secondary school and is located in the De Braak park in Amstelveen.

Amsterdam International Community School (AICS)

5.4 km | The AICS offers all four International Baccalaureate® programmes, which are taught at more than 3,900 schools in over 140 countries. It has a primary and secondary school. The school has three campuses, served by one team. The curriculum, school values and philosophy are the same at all three campuses. It is a community where learning is at the heart of everything they do. The AICS facilitates high-quality, accessible, community-based international learning for students of all nationalities living in The Netherlands. All three campuses are located in Amsterdam.

The International School of Amsterdam (ISA)

1.5 km | Challenging students to discover themselves and the world around them and inspiring them to become life-long learners. Educating them for international understanding. The International School of Amsterdam (ISA) is a vibrant and positive community in which learners, adults and students thrive. Like the AICS, this school also teaches the complete International Baccalaureate® curriculum. It allows students to benefit from a continuum of education from pre-school through high school. Apart from that, the ISA is a happy place; a place where the culture is constructive, attitudes are positive and people are smiling at all times. Brain-based research on schools shows that in happy schools like these, both learning and behaviour are better. The school has over 1300 children (ages 2 to 18 years old), representing more than fifty countries. It is located in Amstelveen.

We hope we made things a bit easier by listing these schools and their missions. It is easy to see why Amstelveen is the place to be. For more information on Htel Serviced Apartments, you can reach us at or give us a ring at +31 (0)20 4266 400.

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