Major renovation for Htel

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Major renovation for Htel

Cobraspen starts a large-scale renovation of Htel Serviced Apartments. A major energy label improvement follows the building’s sustainability update. With this renovation we ensure the property’s long-term future.


During the renovation of Htel Serviced Apartments, a great deal of work is being done to bring the energy performance and sustainability to a higher level. This will lead to an upgrade from energy label C to energy label A, which will result in energy savings of 55%.

The closed façade sections will be additionally insulated, and the windows are going to be replaced with new HR++ glass. These updates allow for the use of a collective air-to-water heat pump for both cooling and heating, via hybrid convectors, eliminating the use of natural gas. 

With the use of indirect boilers (2x1500L), this heat is also used for hot tap water which is almost immediately available from the tap thanks to the circulation pipework.

Fresh air is constantly supplied through self-regulating ventilation grilles and mechanical extraction.

We will also manage the electricity. Multiple solar panels will be installed in the façade, facing the south.By mounting the panels slightly away from the exterior, we ensure a natural cooling system, resulting in optimal efficiency. The solar panels form an apparent window division that matches the rhythm of the current façades. This way, the character of the building remains intact. 

The apartments will also be given an interior update. They will receive a modern kitchen and a new bathroom. Bay windows will be added, giving the residence more light and a greater sense of space. These interventions will improve the quality of living at Htel Serviced Apartments.

The renovation will be carried out in two phases. As a result, a selection of the apartments will remain available at all times. During the first phase, 133apartments will be renovated, with an expected completion date in November 2023. The remaining 100 apartments will follow directly after with an expected completion in Q1 2025.

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