Craving food from home? Here, you will find all the ingredients!

Craving food from home? Here, you will find all the ingredients!

It’s fun to try out different international cuisines in a city that is new to you. But, as an expat or international newcomer, you can sometimes really crave a home-cooked meal from your home country. And even though Dutch supermarkets offer a wide variety of foreign ingredients, some other ingredients might be challenging to find.

It might be that spicy curry, a kimchi stew, a good bouillabaisse, a delicious köfte, a great noodle dish, a nice Sunday Roast, a beef tajine, or a juicy hamburger. Is your mouth watering already? You might want to try to cook some dishes from home in your fully equipped serviced Htel apartment. Here are some tips on where to buy your ingredients in Amstelveen and surroundings!

Japanese and Korean: bonito flakes, soy sauce or doenjang

Whether you are looking for bonito flakes (katsuobushi) to add some amazing umami taste to your meal, a specific soy sauce or doenjang (Korean soybean paste) to instantly boost your dish, you can find it at Shilla, a Japanese-Korean deli. It is located in the Westwijk shopping centre in Amstelveen. Its wide range of products also includes various fruits, vegetables, snacks and bread. They also have takeaway meals.

Another place you might want to consider is Iseya, a Japanese toko located in the Kostverlorenhof shopping centre. The varied assortment consists of Japanese food, delicious sushi and other delicacies.

Asian supermarkets in Amstelveen: authentic products

In Stadshart, you can find the Star Asian Supermarket. This Indian supermarket in Amstelveen has a large assortment of food products from India, Thailand, China, Indonesia and Japan, but also from Iran and Turkey. You can find bio and organic food here as well.

Do you prefer to buy your groceries online? Then the Asian supermarket Dun Yong is your go-to webshop for authentic products. You can also visit their large supermarket in the Stormsteeg in Amsterdam, which offers lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, spices, meat, fish, kitchen utensils and tableware. On their website, you can find many great recipes as well.

Indian and Pakistani: halal meat, chicken and fish

In the Kashmir Food Store, you can purchase a broad spectrum of Indian merchandise, including groceries, a wide range of fresh halal meat, chicken and fish (in the Zohra meat and fish shop, where you can also order fresh curries) and frozen food. You can find the store at the Lindenlaan in Amstelveen. Kashmir Food Store also has a webshop in the making.

Located at the Karel Doormanweg 6, Spice Indian Supermarket is an Indian supermarket in Amstelveen with more than 1000 different products. Here, you can find a large variety of spices, snacks and takeaway meals.

In Slotervaart in Amsterdam, you will find IndiaBazaar for all your groceries, vegetables, typical Indian sweets, Ayurvedic products and kitchenware. Asiatic Supermarket Dutch Bangla is located at De Beerebijt in Amstelveen and sells food products from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Here, you can find, among many others things, vegetables like okra, methi and arvi, as well as fresh halal goat meat.

Middle Eastern and Turkish: fresh food, spices and nuts

Darya Market can be found at the Rembrandtweg in Amstelveen and offers a wide assortment of meat, vegetables, fruit and groceries for the Turkish, Iraqi, Indian and Moroccan kitchen. People are friendly and parking is free!

Really feel like having a Turkish pizza, a döner kebab or falafel? Koroush Market is a small, but very well sorted toko in Stadshart Amstelveen. They also have fresh Turkish bread, fresh fruit, vegetables, spices, nuts, snacks and delicacies.

French: baguettes, croissants and madeleines

Ohlala, can’t do breakfast without your baguette or croissant? The best French bread can be bought at Le Fournil de Sébastien at the Amsterdamseweg in Amstelveen. For the classical madeleines and French pastries, this is also the place to be. Both bread and sweets are baked in the traditional French way, following family recipes and using no preservatives.

United Kingdom & USA: for all your favourite brands

Not in Amstelveen but located in Haarlem, A Taste of Home! stocks lots of your favourite brands from the UK, Ireland and the USA. Initially started by folks from the Republic of Ireland in November 2010, the store is still run by expats.

Last but definitely not least, we’d like to point your attention to Kellys Expat Shopping, your one-stop shop for British and American groceries. Shops can be found in Utrecht, Amsterdam, The Hague and Wassenaar.

We’ll be waiting for your lunch and dinner invitations after all these great tips! Just saying… For more information on Htel Serviced Apartments, you can reach us at or give us a ring at +31 (0)20 4266 400.

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