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Home away from home: Indian Community

Only ten years ago, there was no real Indian community in the Netherlands. Today, however, the Netherlands is home to the second-largest population of people of Indian origin in Europe. There are now around 240,000 Indians living here, around 10,000 of whom live in the Amsterdam area and over 4,500 in Amstelveen itself. Htel Serviced Apartments is home to many highly skilled migrants from India. In this blog, we would like to assist in finding your way to the Indian community in Amstelveen.


Therefore, it is logical that with a strong Indian community in Amstelveen, there are a lot of Indian amenities—the types of conveniences highly skilled migrants would want. There are two high-quality international schools in Amstelveen alone. One is only a 4-minute drive or 16-minute walk away from your home away from home, the other only a little further. More international schools near Htel Serviced Apartments can be found in this article about international schools.

The hospital in Amstelveen has a dedicated India healthcare desk. There are also Indian supermarkets, such as Kashmir, Spice Amstelveen and Masala Express. The Indian restaurant Sagar Royal offers a delicious range of authentically cooked Indian food. There are many other shops with Indian products, ranging from clothes to spices.


Whilst cricket is not a popular sport among many Dutch people, you will be bowled over by the number of cricket activities in the Amstelveen area. There is no need for Indians in the Netherlands to miss one of their favourite pastimes, as there are three cricket clubs within a 20-minute drive of Htel Amstelveen.

In Amstelveen itself, there is the VRA and the Amsterdamsche Cricket Club. Both play in the

Royal Dutch Cricket Association (Koninklijke Nederlandse Cricket Bond, (KNCB)).

VRA is one of the oldest cricket teams in the Netherlands and has been home to the Dutch Cricket team for many years. At their grounds, not only are Dutch matches played, but some of the international pillars of cricket play there: Australia, England, India, Pakistan, South Africa and Sri Lanka. Many other international teams keep the VRA ground a happy hive of cricket-related activities. They also have a ladies’ team and youth teams for all ages.


The Amsterdamsche Cricket Club (ACC) is a smaller but long-standing cricket club. Formed in 1921, it boasts a membership of 250 from various backgrounds. They also have youth teams as well as three Sunday teams.



With such a big Indian community in Amstelveen, it’s not surprising that a large annual Amstelveen Diwali Festival exists. The organisational body aims to strengthen the bond between the Indian and Dutch communities with this festival of lights, celebrating good over bad.

This year’s Diwali Festival will take place outdoors at the Stadsplein in Amstelveen on 22 October. Bring along your new Dutch friends to introduce them to the diversity and beauty of India. Join them in enjoying the colourful performances and delicious food.

Diwali Festival https://www.diwalifestival.nl/en/

Other Indian festivals celebrated in the area include the annual Bollywood & Indian Food Festival, in September, where Bollywood films, dance and food are celebrated. Sometimes Hindi and Bollywood films are also screened in the Pathe theatre complex in Amsterdam. Last but not least, don’t miss the yearly Holi Festival with all the colour and fun of India. You can join big celebrations in The Hague and Rotterdam, but also Amstelveen has its own Holi Festival, thanks to the large Indian community.


Of course, if you love Bollywood dancing, then you might like to join the Bollywood-Amsterdam Dance Group. A group called the Indian Women Amsterdam meet up twice a month, and there is a group called ‘Experience India’ Creating Happiness the Indian Way! They cook and dance and enjoy Indian culture together. Find out more on meetup.com.

Perhaps you’re interested in the members-only Amstelveen Indian Facebook page or in InterNations, which helps you get in touch with other Indians in your adopted country.

In short, Indians in the Netherlands don’t need to miss home. The Indian community Amstelveen is alive and thriving, welcoming those of Indian origin who have been in the Netherlands for years and those who have just touched Dutch soil for the first time.

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