Six things to do in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area in the winter

Six things to do in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area in the winter

Winter in the Netherlands can be a rich and exciting time. Apart from hoping for the possibility of ice skating, your home away from home offers a great array of exciting things to do when it’s too cold and wet to be outside. We’ve selected six activities or venues within the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam that we think are enjoyable and educational.


There are over seventy museums in Amsterdam alone and many more in the whole Amsterdam metropolitan area. We’ve picked out some of the most popular ones for you.

Rijksmuseum: Located in the heart of the city, this museum houses many of the Dutch Masters of the 17thcentury. Whilst admiring works from icons such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh, you can also marvel at the building itself, which is a beautiful example of eclectic architecture.

Van Gogh Museum: Cross the museum square and you’ll find yourself in the world of Vincent Van Gogh. The Van Gogh Museum houses the most extensive collection of the artist’s works in a cutting-edge environment.

Stedelijk Museum: After just a few more minutes of walking, you’ll be right outside  the Stedelijk (Urban) Museum. Here, you can travel through 150 years of modern art, with exhibitions featuring immortal artists such as Karel Appel, Picasso, Mondrian, Matisse and Koons.

Anne Frank House: The former hideaway of Anne Frank, this museum is both a memorial to the spirit of optimism and to the many Jews who were persecuted during the Second World War. It also brings to the table thought-provoking aspects of discrimination today.

Cobra Museum of Modern Art: A short distance from your home away from home in the centre of Amstelveen is this fascinating museum dedicated to the freedom and spontaneity of the avant-garde Cobra art movement.

Museum Night Amsterdam: If you enjoy visiting museums, you shouldn’t miss this mid-winter event in November. People flock to the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam for this night of culture. With one wristband, you can spend a November evening visiting any of the up to 50 museums that are open until 2:00 am. Live music, DJs, food and drink can be found along the way. And many special events and unique surprises await you en route! Visit for dates and more information:


In 1921, a Dutch businessman of Polish Jewish descent called Abraham Icek Tuschinski commissioned the construction of the Tuschinski Theatre. One of the world’s most stunning theatres, the Pathè Tuschinski has architecture and décor that are a theatre in themselves.

A blend of several designs with Art Deco is the main emphasis, and the films that are shown here are as much a mix as the building itself. They also offer specials, such as ballet, opera or musicals, as well as an expat night every third Thursday of the month.


There’s no time to get bored during winter in the Netherlands. If you take to the streets or canals of Amsterdam centre this December or January, you’re in for a treat. Every winter for the last ten years, Amsterdam illuminates these dark days with glowing art. A call goes out to Dutch and international artists to submit an art creation to celebrate light. Thirty pieces are chosen to be placed around the central area of the city. Some tackle contemporary issues, others tell stories. Each one of them a delight.


If you love opera and/or ballet, the Dutch National Opera & Ballet is a must. From classical to modern opera, ballet and related musical and dramatic arts, you will find performances to give you an emotional, intellectual, and sensory experience you won’t forget.

In 1887, a circus director and entrepreneur called Oscar Carrè opened a new theatre. 135 years later, in addition to circus performances, the Carrè offers a range of concerts from operas to musicals with performers from around the world. At the Carrè, you can enjoy a full evening out with a meal in one of its two restaurants before your star-studded event.


As the second-largest brewery in the world, the Heineken Museum deserves a visit. The EU’s biggest exporter of beer offers a special peek behind the curtain of this world-famous beer.

Located at their first brewery in the centre of Amsterdam, the Heineken Experience takes you on a tour of the brand’s 140-year history and introduces you to their brewing process. Along with a sample or two at the end, of course!


You only need half an interest in football to enjoy a visit to Amsterdam’s ArenA. In the heart of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, the ArenA is home to Ajax, one of the top three football clubs in the Netherlands and one of the most successful teams in the world.

Named for Johan Cruijff, one of the greatest footballers of all time and one of the best football managers, you can visit the ArenA to enjoy the atmosphere and excitement of the game. You can also take a tour with highlights such as the player’s tunnel, the dugouts, locker rooms, and the iconic Ajax Gallery of Fame.

Our team members at the Resident Service Desk are happy to advise you in things to do during winter-time, or help you with tickets.

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