Spot the Fiat 500

Htel Christmas & Winter Special

Spot the Fiat 500

In our famous grey and red Htel FIAT 500’s we visit many of our valued business partners and prospects in and around Amsterdam. Many of our contact persons are located outside of Amsterdam, so actually you can meet our FIAT 500’s anywhere on the road.

Starting 16th of October 2013, once a week, on Wednesday, we will post a picture of a famous/monumental/notable location that we have been to that week. You, as valued Facebook friend, can let us know where you think the picture has been taken by liking the picture and be the first to post the right answer on our Facebook page.

The first three correct postings will receive a point. The facebook friend with the most points on the 18th of December has a chance of winning a weekend stay at Htel Serviced Apartments for two persons.

The Game rules:

Go to our Facebook page.

Guess where the picture is taken by liking the picture and stating where you think it is taken in the comments.

Make sure you are among the first three people who respond with the correct answer and get a point.

Make sure you have the most points by the 18th of December 2013.

Employees and former employees of Htel Serviced Apartments are excluded from participating in the competition.

If you would like to get a head start in the competition then make sure you share our blog post with your Facebook friends before the competition starts and earn 3 free points.

We wish you lots of luck guessing the spots, may the best man or woman win!

P.S. if you haven’t seen or new website yet visit: htelapartments

Kind regards,

The Htel Game Commission