Top 5 best beaches in the Netherlands

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Top 5 best beaches in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of few countries which is situated below sea-level. If it doesn’t stop the Dutch from visiting the beach every once in a while, it shouldn’t stop you during your short stay in the Netherlands. Especially when the weather allows you to. Now Dutch weather is famous for being sunny and warm one day, and rainy and clouded the next. None the less on those sunny and warm days the beach is a great place to visit. The variety of beaches and activities are endless in the Netherlands, Htel Serviced Apartments would like to show you a few beaches which are worth paying a visit during your short stay in Amsterdam or Amstelveen.

1. Scheveningen

One of the most well known beaches in the Netherlands is Scheveningen. It is a lively beach which is surrounded by walking routes, restaurant and nice shops. Scheveningen is well know for it’s famous pier that has an event complex on it and a sixty meter high look-out-platform that even allows you to bungee jump of it. The beach itself is lengthy and wide and the city is making major plans to extend this region. Where as the rest of the Dutch beaches have a small town on the back drop Scheveningen has a large city and city center. This makes it very convenient to make a combination of a beach tour and city tour.

From Htel Serviced apartments it would take you approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes by public transport.

2. Zandvoort aan Zee & Bloemendaal aan Zee

Zandvoort is another extremely popular beach in Holland. Especially among families. The beach has plenty room for all sorts of activities. Ranging from a simple game of beach soccer to surfing in the water. If you are looking for the trendy section of Zandvoort aan Zee you might want to visit neighboring beach Bloemendaal aan Zee, the place to go to for trendy beach lounges and restaurants. Bloemendaal aan Zee is known for it’s younger crowd, beach bars and night clubs. It is connected to Zandvoort aan Zee so when walking taking a stroll along the beach one moment you will be in Bloemendaal aan Zee and the next you will be in Zandvoort aan Zee. Bloemendaal aan Zee also has a dog area where you can let loose your dogs and have them stretch their legs.

From Htel Serviced apartments it would take you approximately 45 minutes by public transport.

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3. Strand Zuid

With Amsterdam being a mayor city and the nearest beach being about 45 minutes away, someone came up with the clever idea of creating a city beach. In the South of Amsterdam (behind the Rai Event Center) you will find Strand Zuid. Strand Zuid is known for it’s wide range of activities and well accessible location. On a summer afternoon you will find couples relaxing on the beach, businessmen and women having their meal, while at night you will have the parties going on till the early morning hours. If you would like to go to a beach close to Htel Serviced Apartments, Strand Zuid is were you should go.

From Htel Serviced apartments it would take you approximately 15 minutes by public transport.

4. Egmond aan Zee


Egmond aan Zee is known for being the number on family beach in Holland. As an old fishing village Egmond aan Zee also has a small museum. Furthermore the light house at Egmond aan zee is one that greets every visitor when entering the small town at the beach, so when you are in Egmond aan Zee it might be worth paying a visit to the light house. Yet the one attraction the Egmond aan Zee offers it’s guest are there dunes. The dunes of Egmond aan Zee are a lively place full of wildlife. So don’t be surprised to stumble upon wild horses or foxes when walking about in the dunes.

From Htel Serviced apartments it would take you approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes by public transport.

5. Texel

The beach of Texel is a true adventurous beach. If you have a day then the island of Texel is worth paying a visit. Visit the 30km beach for a bicycle ride around the island or a typical Dutch hike called ‘wadlopen’. Wadlopen can be done as soon as low-tide kicks in, when this happens the water pulls out into the ocean and exposes small islands, called wadden. They are essentially in the ocean but can be walked on. There are excursions that take you onto the wadden for an adventurous hike. A small word of advise, only do this with a guide, it would be a shame to have to go swimming when all you wanted to do is take a hike and while we are it, don’t forget to bring some old hiking shoes, beceause it is going to be muddy.

From Htel Serviced apartments it would take you approximately 3 hours by public transport.

All of the above beaches are accessible by public transport as well as private transport. Our front-desk at Htel Amsterdam and Htel Amstelveen will be glad to give you more information about how to get there or the weather. At Htel Serviced Apartments we don’t pretend to know everything so if you have anymore great Dutch beaches that are worth paying a visit, do share it with us. Have a great day at the beach!

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