Who is in for another round of #SpottheFiat500 ?

Htel Christmas & Winter Special

Who is in for another round of #SpottheFiat500 ?

Spot the Fiat 500, due to big success repeated!

The previous #SpottheFiat500 game, was a big success! In the period from May till August, we have posted pictures on Facebook, of famous, monumental or notable locations including our red and grey Htel Fiat 500’s. Because of last time success, we will repeat this game on Facebook! Starting 16th of October 2013.

What are the game rules? First of all, we will post a picture on Facebook, once a week, every Wednesday. You can let us know where you think the picture has been taken by liking the picture, and be the first to post the right answer below the picture on our Facebook page. The first five correct postings will receive a point. At the end, on the 18th of December the Facebook fan who has collected the most points, will win a weekend at Htel Serviced Apartments for two persons!

But there is more…

We have added some extras for the new game: not only the person with the most points wins something, but the number 2 and 3 will get a surprise as well! We have added the Dutch package, with nice gadgets, some typical Dutch food and more…

The prices

1. Weekend at Htel Serviced Apartments including a Dutch Package

2. Dutch Package + surprise

3. Dutch Package

The game rules*

Go to our Facebook page.

Guess where the picture is taken, like the picture and share your answer below;

Make sure you are among the first five people who respond with the correct answer and get a point;

Make sure you have collected the most points by the 18th of December 2013;

Earn 3 points by guessing the right location;

Earn 2 points extra by sharing the picture as well;

Earn 1 extra point by liking the picture as well.

We wish you lots of luck guessing the spots, may the best man or woman win!

Kind regards,

The Htel Game Commission

* This game is excluded for employees, former employees of Htel Serviced Apartment and former winners of #SpottheFiat500.