Staying in shape during the Olympics 2012

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Staying in shape during the Olympics 2012

With the Olympics 2012 in full concourse it is not only a great time to watch professional athletes from all over the world go at it. Even more it is also an inspiring time to stay in shape yourself. At Htel we would like to do more then just facilitate staying in shape through our own fitness and wellness facilities. We would also like to inform you about the fitness and wellness opportunities in the vicinity of Htel Amsterdam – Buitenveldert and Htel Amsterdam – Amstelveen. Staying in shape is more then sports alone, it also involves eating habits and rest. But the fitness center is a good place to start at. Now we have our fitness and wellness center at Htel Amsterdam – Amstelveen, which includes an indoor swimming pool and wellness facilities and of course our fitness center in Htel Amsterdam – Buitenveldert. But in case you are interested in more, here is a short list of fitness centers close to both of our Htel Serviced Apartments locations. The ideal way to reach your Olympic goals close to home.

Fit for Free:

If you are looking for a no nonsense fitness center, Fit for Free is probably something for you. They have plenty off equipment to go around for everyone, so you will have no problems in getting a good work out. They offer group lessons for people who prefer that and also have a quirky spinning system, which actually make you feel like you are cycling though the alps.

All Sports:

All Sports is located conveniently close to our Htel Amsterdam – Amstelveen and has a great number of machines plus the additional group lessons. Further more it is located next to swimming pool ‘’De Meerkamp’’, which is very large swimming facility and enables you to get yourself a pretty complete workout.

Special Sports:

As one of the newest additions in the Amsterdam – Amstelveen area it goes without saying that the equipment at Special Sports is state of the art. The facility is enormous and the machines are numerous so there is something for everyone. Special Sports is actually a short walk from our Htel Amsterdam – Amstelveen location and if you are in a sporty mood, why not grab an Htel bicycle at our reception desk (free of charge).

Spa Zuiver:

Apart from the state of the art equipment Spa Zuiver has one additional strong point. It is ideally situated in the Amsterdam Forest. Which gives you the opportunity to include the enormous forest in your work-out. Apart from that the fitness center is located in the same facility as the biggest Spa in Amsterdam and is also has a number of indoor and outdoor tennis courts as wel as squash courts. Spa Zuiver is a short stint away from our Htel Amsterdam – Buitenveldert location, so hop on one of our Htel bicycles.

All of the above mentioned fitness centers are easily accessible by bike, public transport and even walking from both of our Htel locations. The fitness centers vary in price range. Of course the fitness and wellness facilities at Htel Serviced Apartments are free of charge and are also included in our new Htel Summer special deal. Interested in the Summer special? Feel free to ask more information at our Resident Service Desk or send an email to

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