PRESS RELEASE Htel Serviced Apartments is tapping a new market with 300-sqm apartments in Amsterdam

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PRESS RELEASE Htel Serviced Apartments is tapping a new market with 300-sqm apartments in Amsterdam

Htel Serviced Apartments, one of the largest short-stay providers in the Netherlands, is introducing new types of apartments in Amsterdam with living areas of no less than 300 square meters. With these new apartments, Htel wants to appeal to the higher end of the corporate market, but also to expats and families, with or without pets.

The six new apartments have four bedrooms and three bathrooms. In addition, they offer modern amenities such as home automation. The inviting apartments allow you to feel at home and to unwind immediately. The modern and calm interior is especially designed for this, using many natural details and materials, such as bark and leather. On the other hand, this is also the type of apartment to which you can welcome guests comfortably and confidently. The first apartments are available for booking.

In addition to Amsterdam, Htel will be introducing a new type of apartment in the Amstelveen location (greater Amsterdam area). At this location, the short-stay provider currently offers apartments of 45 or 90 square meters. Due to specific demand, apartments of 22 square meters will be added soon. These apartments also include all modern amenities.

CEO Luigi Prins of Htel Serviced Apartments: “We continually monitor and respond to market demands. 24/7 reception is an example of this. With the addition of the new type of apartment, Htel can now offer every segment within the corporate market a ‘home away from home’ – from the individual business traveler with a smaller budget to whole project groups and families.”

Since 2003, Htel has offered over 300 apartments in two locations: one in the green heart of Amstelveen and the other in Amsterdam, just off the Zuid-as (Amsterdam Business District). Prins: “Both of our locations are within easy reach of the center of Amsterdam, but are not located within the center for a reason. Amsterdam has become increasingly popular with expats, in part thanks to the well-known or the notorious image of downtown Amsterdam. The full Amsterdam Experience is within reach, but hard-working expats can always retreat to the tranquility and space of their temporary living accommodations.”

About Htel Serviced Apartments

Htel Serviced Apartments is an accommodation concept for businesses looking for temporary living space for employees and managers in the Amsterdam area. In 2003, Htel launched its first full-service apartments, making it the first provider in this area in the Netherlands. With 300 apartments, Htel is also one of the largest providers in the Netherlands. Htel is a full-service provider offering the services of a 5-star hotel (including technical services, housekeeping, free Wi-Fi, gym, swimming pool and wellness facilities) in apartments ranging from 22 to 300 square meters. The apartments are fully equipped with all modern amenities, like a home away from home.