Dr. Phil show makes surprise visit to Htel!

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Dr. Phil show makes surprise visit to Htel!

On behalf of Dr Phil a Dutch reporter visited Htel Serviced Apartments. The Dr Phil show hunts down a woman who claims a yearlong to be stuck overseas. She told her fiancée that she stays at Htel in Amsterdam with her daughter. The reporter sent by Dr Phil, Levi van Kempen, meets our staff and some of the guests at Htel. Htel of course did not reveal the presence of the lady at Htel directly. Htel Serviced Apartments is keen on their guest’s privacy. However, it turns out the woman had falsely used Htel’s address.

Some of our helpful guests participated in the search that revealed the women in question did not stay at Htel at all. We loved our guest’s contribution and their positive look at staying at Htel. We give our guests a real home away from home. The only way you will get stuck overseas with us is because you like us and our 5-star hotel services including: ‘Great WiFi’.


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