Booming Brexit business in Amsterdam

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Booming Brexit business in Amsterdam

Booming Brexit business in Amsterdam
Could this be Amsterdam’s new ‘Golden Age’ when it comes to business? The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has always been popular for companies to open a European branch. Not only does the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area have a strategic location on the continent, it’s easily accessible through Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and (nearly) everyone speaks English fluently. Big plus is that per the end of April a direct train will start running between Amsterdam and London.

Record number of companies
Brexit brings a record number of businesses to the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. According to the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), 140 companies have moved their operations to the Netherlands or opened an office here because of Brexit, since the referendum in 2016. Last year 78 companies made the move because of Brexit, nearly doubling the figures of 2018. But not all companies that settled in the Netherlands last year did so solely because of Brexit. An impressive total of 397 international companies chose the Netherlands, including the ‘Brexit companies’. The NFIA also states that they are in contact with another 425 companies which are considering either moving to the Netherlands or expanding their current operations because of Brexit.

Job opportunities
The 397 companies that settled here in 2019 are expected to create more than 14,000 direct jobs and invest 4.3 billion euros in their first three years in the Netherlands. Around a third of the companies comes from Asia, a third from North and South America and another third from the rest of the world (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Oceania). They are mainly companies from the IT, Creative and Chemical sector, as well as Life Sciences & Health.

For more information behind this blog, visit NFIA, who publicized an article about these figures recently.

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