King’s day 2014: The royal city of Amstelveen

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King’s day 2014: The royal city of Amstelveen

Break out the orange, cause King’s Day (formerly Queen’s Day) is almost here!

The 26th of April 2014 will boast the biggest open-air celebration in The Netherlands. An event that is enjoyed by many and hopefully you as well. At Htel Serviced Apartments we are proud of our little monarchy. This King’s Day will be extra special for you and Htel Serviced Apartments as the royal family will visit the city of Amstelveen (yeah you heard it right…!!).

It would have been even more amazing if the royal family would have stayed in one of our comfortable Htel apartments as well, but that would have been too much to ask. Let us inform you what the day will look like, as Amstelveen will host a big outbreak of cheers, smiles, excitement and overall happiness. And with big brother Amsterdam around the corner the choice of events are endless this King’s day 2014.

Each year the royal family visits two or three cities during this special day. This year they will visit the village of Graft-De Rijp and our lovely city of Amstelveen. They will arrive in Amstelveen around 12:00 noon (festivities start at 11:00 in the morning) and will remain in the city for about an hour. If you would like to see the royal family be sure to arrive early as most likely lots off folks from neighboring cities Amsterdam, Haarlem, Aalsmeer and even further will also try to catch a glimpse of the royal family.

The royal family will walk from the Groen van Prinstererlaan along the Rembrandtweg to the City Square. Along the route they will stop for different events/acts while being cheered on by thousands of spectators. They will encounter young students from the Amstelveen music school, children from Amstelveen primary schools and tudents of Amstelveen College who will show them how the peat town of Amstelveen developed. Students of the international school in Amstelveen who will be performing compelling music on big gymnastics balls. People of the Korean community who will be performing a traditional fan dance, The Japanese community will be engaged in Ikebana and there will be a Bollywood workshop taking place, hosted by members of The Indian community. And off course a lot more.

The festivities will not end when the royal family leaves and will go on all throughout the afternoon.

And now for the tip off the day, before doing anything on King’s day make sure you plan your day and method of transportation. Most of Amstelveen and Amsterdam’s public transport system is down, or partially only running. Reaching the cities by car is difficult and because of the crowd taking the bicycle might also prove to be difficult. Walking is the best way too spend your King’s Day.

We recommend everyone to go and see this event as this opportunity literally comes once a year. Best part of it all, it is only a stone throw away from both our Htel Serviced Apartment locations.

For more questions ask your Resident Service Agent or visit King’s Day information Amstelveen or King’s Day Amsterdam 2014.

Enjoy the Royal celebrations!

With kind regards,

Nayton Craig & the Htel team