Home made Pancakes

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Home made Pancakes

”Your own kitchen might be better than the restaurant nearby”

Pancakes: traditionally, a delicacy in the Netherlands and abroad. Everybody should have heard of them. Fair enough, everybody should have tasted them before. In the Netherlands, this delight is consumed throughout the day. As part of a simple breakfast, a lunch or as dinner. Or just somewhere in between. During your amsterdam short stay at Htel Serviced Apartments, try the famous concept “Pannenkoekenboot” once (while cruising the Amsterdam canals, enjoying pancakes in an “all you can eat”-style). Seasickness? The so-called “Pannenkoekenhuis” might be a good alternative. Our Residence Service Agents will be able to provide you the best addresses in Amsterdam. Complete families nibbling this typical Dutch food. As with many recipes, it’s all about the toppings. Pancakes could be covered by almost anything: fruits, meats, nuts, vegetables, and so on.

This brings me to Htel’s new concept “Breakfast at Home”. While staying at home, or in one of our serviced and equipped apartments, you have your own kitchen right? Why not building your own creation? Making your own pancake is not only more tasteful than buying and preparing the boxed kind, but it’s so easy! Let me give you a suggestion: create a mix out of 3 eggs, 200 gram flour and 300 ml of milk. Or use a pre-made pancake packet mixture at your local grocery store (every brand will be okay) and follow up it’s baking instructions. Most likely, semi-skimmed milk needs to be added for a nice, thick posture.Do not use this dough excessively, but enough to cover the surface of your frying pan completely. It takes a couple of minutes to get a nice brown colour. After turning your pancake once, cover it by small slices Old Amsterdam cheese. After 1-2 minutes baking, add some slices bacon to it for a finishing touch. Finally, fold in two and dress with syrop and/or powdered sugar. Hmmmm, delicious! Eventually, to contribute to your daily vitamin intake, slices of apple will be a valuable supplement to your pancake.

This recipe, let me call it the “Htel’s Good Morning Pancake”, is just an example. I bet all of you out there are curious about making you own pancakes. And I am sure the most extraordinary ideas will be realized. Out of inspiration? Make yourself owner of this book called “101 Things To Do With Pancake Mix” (ISDN 9781423607908). As unique as Htel combines apartment rental with hospitality, author Stephanie Ashcraft mixes pancake mix with her amazing creative thoughts.

But do promise me one thing: share your ideas with Htel and our other readers! And if possible, send us an picture of your creation and yourself, preferably taken in one of our Htel apartments of course. Good luck and “bon appetit”!