Amsterdam Restaurant & Bar Week

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Amsterdam Restaurant & Bar Week

Time for us at Htel Serviced Apartments to show you how the coming week will satisfy your every lifestyle and culinary need. The end of August and beginning of September will see the start of two very popular, but most of all tasty, events. If you’re still searching for activities during your short stay in Amsterdam, you’re about to find some great ideas right here.

The Dutch love food and drinks, but most of all we love food in authentic places. Amsterdam is one of those cities that has some really good authentic bars and restaurants tucked away in alleyways and dead-end streets. The type of bars and restaurants that you don’t just come across during your stroll through the city, unless you get lost our have a great sense of navigation. At Htel Serviced Apartments we see that authenticity is a trend and in a city like Amsterdam it is all around you, but not always as easy to spot. There are two events coming up that will enable you to wine and dine at a few of Holland’s most authentic bars and restaurants and roll right back into your Htel Serviced apartment for some good night sleep.

First off we have the Diningcity Restaurant Week 2012, which will take place from the 27th of August till the 04th of September 2012. After that we have the second edition of the Amsterdam Barweek 2012 which will take place from the 17th of September 2012 till the 21st of September 2012.

You will be able to enjoy the taste and experience of over a thousand restaurants, bars and lounges not only in Amsterdam but across Holland. Never before where these locations so accessible. That said, finding them won’t be the point. Figuring out which of the lovely dishes or cocktails you will have will be one of you biggest struggles.

Diningcity Restaurant Week 2012

One of Holland’s most popular events is the Restaurant Week. The event is hosted by online food guide Diningcity and has hundreds of exclusive restaurants joining from all over Holland. The idea is to offer visitors the ultimate dinner experience for a reasonable price in restaurants that we don’t visit everyday. You will find top restaurants all over the Netherlands serving 3-course dinners for €27,50 and 3-course lunches for €22,50. Even the exclusive restaurants that have earned a Michelin star recognition join the event. It is possible to have lunch or dinner in one of these exclusive restaurants for an additional €10,- above the regular price.

A word of advice, you can only reserve through the official Diningcity Restaurant week website ( ). So make sure you are on time or all the good places will be gone.

The Amsterdam Bar Week 2012

Lifestyle is what it is all about during the Amsterdam Barweek. Like our apartments there is a certain experience that the organizers want their guests to feel. For that reason the Amsterdam Barweek is about more then just hopping into bars, having a drink, grabbing your coat and heading home. It is about showing you the unique side of Amsterdam with bars that are draped with themes, beautiful views, exclusive DJ’s and loads of unexpected events. There will be cocktail party’s workshops and other lifestyle events. Don’t look surprised if you bump into a celebrity or even some of the famous Htel staff, after all we love our apartments and guests, but nothing beats the occasional drink.

For an overview or more info about the Amsterdam Bar Week see:

Last off, if you go to either one of the events, please do share your experience with us through our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest channel. We can’t wait to see what spectacular dishes and drinks you enjoy in your spare time. We wish you a few tasteful coming weeks and don’t forget if you have any questions, our reception desk will be glad to help.

Enjoy your stay in Amsterdam and most of all Htel Serviced apartments and see you soon for a drink.

With kind regards,

Nayton Craig

Business Development

Htel Serviced Apartments