Amsterdam in fall: 5 cultural events you should experience

Amsterdam in fall: 5 cultural events you should experience


Fall is a magical time of the year in Amsterdam. Leaves are turning into gold and stunning paintings arise among the country. Imagine what it will do in Amsterdam which is one of the leafiest cities of Europe. Besides enjoying walking through the beautiful parks in natural season, also the Amsterdam cultural season is in full swing. We will give you insights on what to do in Amsterdam this fall and 5 cultural events you should experience during your holiday in Amsterdam.


  1. The Dutch in Paris

In the Van Gogh museum, there is an exclusive exhibition of 8 famous Dutch painters who also lived in Paris. For many centuries, the City of Light has been a great inspiration. Many artists from all over Europe went to Paris in the 19th century. This special exhibition shows works from 8 Dutch artists like Van Spaendonck, Jongkind, Van Gogh, Van Dongen and Mondriaan. It is the first time that these works are joined and put on exhibition together. You can visit this exhibition from 13th of October till 7th of January 2018.


  1. Museum night (in November)

Another event not to miss is the museum night. Only on the first Saturday of November it is possible to visit all the beautiful art of Amsterdam in moonlight. Around 50 museums in the city will open their doors from 19:00 to 02:00. There will be special and surprising cultural programming across the entire city and its museums. Experience Rembrandt famous painting, the Night Watch after dark. Not only the major Amsterdam museums have a special program. Also, the smaller museums take this opportunity to let their artwork shine in this museum night.


  1. Film festival (September till November)

If you like film then Amsterdam is the place to be in the autumn. The film season is in full swing from September to November. There is always a film to find for everyone. From the Cinekid Festival to the International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA). Enjoy the latest and greatest domestic and international arrivals from the documentary film world.


  1. Amsterdam Art weekend

The last weekend of November there is a weekend-long art-fair that shows the best contemporary art in Amsterdam. Museums and art institutes work together to offer the most special exhibitions across various venues. The fair is also linked to the IDFA documentary film festival, which runs at the same time.


  1. Golden ages painting through-out the city

The most beautiful art work of Amsterdam is the city itself in this time of the year. The low sun and the typical Dutch skies ensure stunning pictures that a photograph can’ t capture. This is the painting that you can only feel and experience yourself. Strolling through the parks in this time of the year is so beautiful.  The good news is that our Htel location are both situated near Amsterdam Forest, which is breath-taking in this period.


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